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Be A Part of Something Special

Give to a new mom’s journey!

When you donate to Arlington Resale, you are supporting the Metroplex Women’s Clinic. You are making a direct impact on moms, families, and the future of their children. Your donation helps our nonprofit support new moms with used merchandise from baby items, kid’s clothes and toys to beds and other furniture. With our reasonable prices and the people who donate to our store, we can provide items to soon-to-be moms who need extra support during pregnancy.

With your help, moms can focus on their new journey of parenthood and receive the resources they need. Thank you for your donation and your much-needed support. Every and any donation amount makes a huge impact on the lives of families we give to. You are a part of something very special.

Different Ways to Give

There are a couple of ways you can participate in donating to Arlington ReSale. You can set up either a one-time donation or make an ongoing monthly donation. You can choose the best option for you below.

  • Donate gently used clothes, shoes, housewares, baby items, furniture, and linens to Arlington ReSale or Arlington ReSale Too. Donate furniture to Arlington ReSale3
  • Make a One-Time Donation
  • Make an Ongoing Monthly Donation
  • Donate gently used household items, clothes, shoes, furniture & baby items
  • Text to Give: Text the word BABY to 469.949.2229



What kind of items may I donate to Arlington ReSale?

Your donations are greatly appreciated! We take gently used furniture, clothing, housewares, linens, baby items, and toys.

What items does Arlington Resale NOT accept?

Items we DO NOT accept: Non-working appliances, old computer monitors, paint, and console TVs.

When are donations accepted?

Donations are accepted Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:30 pm at Arlington ReSale and Arlington ReSale Too.

Will Arlington Resale pick up large furniture?

We can pick up large furniture items. To schedule a pick-up, call Arlington ReSale3 at 817.765.2161 or email

Where do I drop off donations?

Arlington Resale: Donations may be taken to the side of the building, 2nd door with the awning – RING BELL. Furniture can be dropped off in front of the building thru the double doors.

Arlington Resale Too: Donations may be taken to the side of the building – RING BELL.